Illusia's Temple at Dusk

As the sun nears the horizon, you make your way back to Illusia's Temple, eyes alight with anticipation at what you may see. Clouds across the sky start manifesting hints of pink, then orange, and then purples. You approach the stained-glass wall, considering if you should enter the temple first. Surely, they wouldn't do both at once, and the waning light would affect the temple first. You enter the fountain.

It's getting difficult to see inside, but you spy a priest approaching Illusia's statue with a long lit candle. Reaching the outer circle of its base, the priest kneels, golden robes pooling about her on the floor. Her lips move in what must be a prayer, then she bends low, extending her candle to touch its flame to the channel of oil in the floor surrounding Illusia's feet. Fire springs to life, heading both directions to meet in the back, forming a perfect undulating circle.
The light patterns so apparent during the day that had faded with the sun's farewell sprang back to life in the reflections of the fire's light off the fountain walls.


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