Where would you like to go?

  • Aurora Library

    One of Prismere's grandest buildings, Aurora Library relates Treyan history, along with known details of its inhabitants. 
  • Museum of the Chronicler

    The Chronicler has traveled far and wide to record much of Treya's history. Learn more about Jenari Skye here.
  • Prismere Keep

    Queen Sarsetta has reserved a room in her keep to educate sentients on the history of Prismere Isle. Here, you can find out more about the Isle and its current ruler.
  • Atara Tower

    Boasting its own library, Atara Tower is a remnant of an old order: the atarans. These used to be teachers and keepers of magic. Discover the difference between thought magic and singular magic, and how spellcasters use them.
  • Illusia's Temple

    Prismere's oldest building, Illusia's Temple is an architectural wonder. Do you follow Illusia? Come learn about the gods of the blessed races.

The Tale of Your Journey through Prismere Isle

Climbing off the wagon you hired to shuttle you across the two-mile bridge from the lake's edge, the cacophony of a bustling city street greets your ears as your feet touch cobblestone. You look up through the sun's glare as you move aside for the next disembarking passenger, and are struck by a myriad of colors painting the thoroughfare. Not only are shop banners lacquered in bright colors, but sheer colored veils twist or hang from tall lantern poles. More cloths drape across door openings - likely helping keep out insects even as they brighten the scene. You're struck by the fact that the colors don't clash. Not only does each shop's palette match well, but from one to the next, the street provides a harmonious progression of color. Leave it to light-bending humans to know their color theory. Of course, many of them have faded, but the tones still give the city a cheerful cast; certainly an emotion no dwarven or elven city would illicit.

Behind you stands the drawbridge. Come to think of it, the horses' hooves did sound hollow for just that last bit. An enthusiastic woman flags you down from the gate, and you dodge a few people across the dusty street to reach her.

"Looks like you need a map!" Her green eyes are alight with charisma. "Can't have you roaming aimlessly on your tour, now can we? So many sites to see, so little time!"

She shoves a map into your hands and you smile your thanks, but find her holding out a hand. Your smile turns wry; it isn't free. Fumbling in your pouch for a coin, you ask, "Where would you head first?"

"Oh, the library, of course! It's the gem of Prismere Isle! The architecture, the art, and - most especially - the knowledge! You know," she leans in conspiratorially, "if you really want to see something, you should go there twice - once during the day and once at night. The lightsmiths bend a beautiful aurora borealis above it after dusk!"

Thanking the woman, you turn away to survey the small parchment she gave you. You can make out a crude ink rendering of Prismere Isle, small titled banners labeling various attractions. Brief explanations are listed below.


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