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Having finally reached the summit of the last flight of stairs on your way to the peak of a tower set in Prismere Keep's outer edge, you take a moment to catch your breath. You cough as an unexpected odor enters your lungs. It's not spectacularly pungent, or even disgusting, but the smell of pigeon droppings certainly doesn't make your list of favorite scents. These pigeons had better be reliable message carriers for all this effort!

You take note of a large room, walls dotted with a myriad holes housing nearly as many pigeons. Fresh air mingles with the scent of pigeon droppings - likely the reason it wasn't overpowering - which must be coming from above, where another flight of stairs leads to an upper room filled with daylight. A smiling steward greets you cheerily as she plucks a tiny tube from a writing table. She pulls a strip of paper from its center, then dips a quill in an inkwell and, poised to write, asks, "What message can I inscribe for you, and where would you like it delivered?"
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