You've discovered the Catacombs!

Lucian Theology

After pushing the lever, the wall opens to a large cavern forming a room. Torches line the walls and aisles between wooden benches facing a raised area on the far side... perhaps a crude stage. The light is dim at the moment, every third torch lit. Shelves line the walls behind you (opposite the stage), populated with books and scrolls. Small writing tables and chairs lie spaced beside the shelves.

A human in peasant garb with strange lenses covering his eyes looks up from a writing desk to your right and greets you with a curious, "Hello, I don't believe I've seen you before. Which building did you come through? We like to keep track in case an entry point is compromised."

Quill in hand, he listens and scratches a tally mark under a column titled with the building you came through. Setting the quill in its inkwell, he then pulls the lenses from his nose, places them on the desk, and turns to face you, his eyes almost uncomfortably direct. "How might I help you?"

Excerpt from the Lifesong

Author lost to time, written before Viv's Age

Spirit and earth swirl in life's genesis 
Lux’ loving guidance designs
Planets and pylons, paths between worlds,
Beings and sentients, elements and landscapes.
Creative beauty coalescing in moments:
Testaments of glory and care.

Races' progenitors uniting in fellowship
Efforts combining as further expressions
Of His glory and love realized. 
Aiding and sharing, tending and building,
Praising and singing, rejoicing - enjoying;
His gifts and character symbolized by
Their relationships among one another.

Their thoughts bringing glory
To Lux, God of All,
But power… power beckons.

A Difference in Belief

The peasant's blue eyes shine for a moment. "You've heard of a pantheon of gods who have blessed certain races. Yet I put it to you: when have their gods ever served them? The so-called 'Viv' is no god of life, but of darkness. He is no god, but a meion - a spirit who used to serve Lux as one of His augem, but has chosen to turn from Lux and derive power from worship for himself. Those so-called gods do not bless - they take."

He draws back a moment, clearly reining himself in. "That may be as much as you're prepared to hear at the moment. Just know that the truth lies with the oldest sentient on Tirien: the Sage. He is a nymph who leads the Lucians in a battle behind Viv's veil of darkness. If you return, I will tell you more."

Concern wrinkles his brow as he considers you. "You must be a puzzler to have discovered our hidden path, but I must ask you NOT to reveal it to others. We Lucians hold our haven dear; it may not look like much, but it is our respite. Each sentient must find their own path here."

He bows to you and excuses himself. 


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