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Jenari Skye is an author who began writing fantasy as a young girl, impassioned by the craft of words. Her current novel-in-progress, Queen of Thought, started as a yearbook entry her junior year in high school. She's been working on its tale and backstory ever since. To read more about Jenari Skye, visit the Museum of the Chronicler at the button below. Or, find out more about Queen of Thought by reading on.

The Latest - Queen of Thought

2nd Draft in Progress

Queen of Thought is Jenari's in-progress sci-fi fantasy novel. It reveals the story of Naya, a human woman unlawfully raised by elves after her family's murder by the fae sorceress, Ravenna. Naya has trained all her life since to become the Seer Adept - the only mortal thought capable of defeating Ravenna once and for all. When Naya makes a mistake that draws Ravenna's attention, the sorceress captures Naya's adopted mother, Eliriel - an elven leader and talented mindseer; Naya now realizes just how vast a gap lies between the ancient sorceress' skill and her own.

In the wake of Eliriel's capture, the blessed races ready for war, sending their best candidate for the Seer Adept, Naya, to Prismere Isle to complete whatever training she can before she must confront Ravenna. Naya strives to keep her thoughts and feelings under control just to keep moving forward, but the realities of her life are crashing around her, taking their toll. Just what or who, exactly, did she fight for? How was she - at 22! - supposed to possibly cultivate enough skill to destroy Ravenna and her empire, who's had more than a millennium to practice?

Interested in more about Queen of Thought? This site houses various nooks and crannies of mythos, lore, and history from Queen of Thought. (See the Explore tab.) You can discover more about the tale's genesis - and preview its first chapter - in the Museum of the Chronicler.


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